Ayurveda Almond Beauty Treatments

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The world is gradually waking up to the invincible Indian text that is Ayurveda. Translating into modern language as the ‘science of longevity’, Ayurveda is being relied upon by leading cosmetic companies in the world in their efforts to go natural.

Balance of Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

According to Ayurveda, all the activities of mind and body are governed by three psycho-physiological energies known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When these three elements are in perfect balance within us, we enjoy good health. If any of these energies within us is out of balance, disorders result.

Each of these principles is also associated with a season. Winter is the season when Vata becomes off balance within most people. Because the winter months are dryer, rougher and cooler than summer, spring and fall, Vata often manifests itself in hair breakage, chapped lips and dry skin.

Ayurveda has a vast range of treatments. The good thing about natural beauty care is that the treatments and recipes have both an aesthetic role and a medicinal purpose.

Almonds & Ayurveda

If a mango is considered the king of fruits, almonds definitely lead the pack amongst dry fruits. Almonds are some of the oldest and most common nuts in the world. Almond falls into ayurveda treat by either eating them directly, or using the oil extracted from the nut in body pastes and fase masks. Almonds are also very valuable in ayurveda for their ability to balance the mositure levels of the skin, or the Vata.

Skin & Hair

Almonds are good for your heart because they have plety of plant steorls, healthy fats, fiber and Vitamin E. In addition to helping internal heart health, almonds also have the power to remedy a range of skin problems, no matter your age. The nutrients found in almond oil help banish wrinkles, ease acne outbreaks, and create an overall glowing complexion.

In addition to hair, almond oil massages have 去斑療程 wonderful benefits for hair problems. The oil and its nutrients combat hair loss and dandruff, and some even believe it helps you retain your hair color longer.

Sweet almond oil is the best massage oil for those with a Vata imbalance. Almond oil helps balance the Vata (what western medicine might call a pH balance in the skin). It does this by seeping down into the different layres of skin and releasing its moisturizing properties. Would-be brides are always recommended to incorporate almonds into their pre-matrimonial beauty regime.

Skin Diseases & Scars: Almond Powder, Milk and Paste

According to Ayurveda texts concerning treatments of skin diseases, almonds are effective in treating diseases like eczema and psoriasis. A few leaves of the wild almond plant powdered with water applied to affected parts helps cure many skin disease symptoms. In addition, almond milk can act as an astringent. Applied to the face after washing, the mild removes excess residue and impurities left behind, leaving your skin glowing and with a better tone.


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