Club Replacement Shafts

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If you feel that it may be time for some club replacement shafts, there are a few different ways that you can go. You can elect to go with the standard yet reliable steel club shafts, or you can try out a new set of graphite club shafts. There are many companies today that are making Vclubshop quality golf club shafts. Finding the right fit for your clubs could be a simple matter of speaking with the experts.

There is actually a great deal of difference between the steel shaft and its graphite counterpart. With flex and weight being the most obvious, these differences are what make each club shaft so unique.


If you are looking for club replacement shafts you should look at what it is that you want your clubs to do in regards to performance. If you like a heavier club, then the obvious choice would to be to go with steel shafts. Steel shafts are not only heavier than graphite shafts, they are also more durable. The steel shaft is actually a far amount heavier than the graphite and this will actually be noticeable when you swing the club.

Graphite clubs shafts are designed to be light weight and very flexible. This will allow for Vclubshop a great deal of snap in your shot. This will be most evident when you are driving the ball. You will notice just how much movement your club will provide when you are coming back on your follow through.


It is well documented in the world of golf that while graphite is the current and most appealing technology in regards to club replacement shafts, it is not without fault. the fact is graphite is far less durable than steel. If you are not careful with graphite shafts, you can actually nick or scratch a shaft of this type. This will mean that you will see far more replacements of your club shafts. If however you are someone that owns a golf bag with a decent club divider system, you will not see the damage that could result from the clubs banging against each other.

This can help increase the life of your new graphite club replacement shafts. It is important to note that with age comes the potential for splintering. This could happen as the club shaft ages and it could also be due to the clubs being exposed to elements for some time.


Depending on the brand of club replacement shafts, you could pay a reasonable Vclubshop price to have your clubs refitted. If you go with some of the more well known golf brands however, you could find that the cost of these replacements could equal that of an entire replacement club set of a mid range level.

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