Samsung E8000 3D Plasma TV Series and ES8000 3D LED TV Series

Samsung has made a lasting impression at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by bringing forward their latest line of HDTV models for 2012. sony 55x75k

The company has showcased a new OLED TV model that captured most of the attention in the second day with its high performance and sheet-of-glass display. The OLED technology is most likely the next in line to be used for high-end HDTVs, although it will need a few years before it is affordable to everyone.

Samsung has used its OLED model in order to showcase their 2012 line of 3D-enabled plasma TVs and 3D-enabled LED TVs to be released sometime in the Spring.

Samsung E8000 3D Plasma TV Series

The Samsung E8000 is the new 3D plasma TV series coming in three new models, ranging from 51 to 64 inches in screen size. These three new models all feature Smart TV capabilities, aside from being 3D-capable displays.

What first captures your attention when looking at these new Samsung Plasma TV models is a giant screen and wonderful design, featuring a 1.5-inch thick ultra-slim bezel. The narrow bezel comes in titan black metal color and crystal like border and a clean finish.

You won’t be disappointed in the least when you take a look at the features either. Samsung’s Real Black Pro technology is what helps this display produce a higher contrast, deeper blacks and a wonderful color palette in both 2D and 3D.

The three E8000 models are the PN51E8000, the PN59E8000 and the PN64E8000 all featuring Smart TV capabilities. All of them are able to connect to your home network via WiFi and enable any user to access the most popular Internet Streaming Services such as Netflix, VUDU or Pandora and make good use of Samsung’s dedicated apps enabling features such as gesture and voice control.

Also worth mentioning is the 2D-to-3D upconversion feature which will enable you to watch your old movie collection in 3D. Samsung hasn’t released any information about pricing or availability for its E8000 series but they are expected to hit the market sometime in April.

Samsung ES8000 3D LED TV Series

If you’re looking for an affordable option for a 3D-enabled display in 2012, you’d better take a look at Samsung’s ES8000 series of LED HDTVs.

The new LED TV series showcased by Samsung at the CES in Las Vegas come in a wonderful slim design, but what will direct most costumers toward them in 2012 is Samsung’s Evolution Kit.

The Samsung Evolution Kit will allow users to upgrade their LED TV next year by replacing the chip on-board rather than replacing the whole TV set. If you’re a Samsung fan and want to keep up with the latest technology coming out every year this one is the easiest way to do it.

The Samsung ES8000 series will be available in four new models: the 46ES8000, the 60ES8000, the 65ES8000 and the 70ES8000.

All of these come with a 1080p Full HD panel, 3D support and the popular 2D-to-3D upconversion feature. There’s a whole slew of new features packed with these new display that will enhance image quality and provide a highest contrast ratio and darker blacks.

You will basically get everything that’s available with the company’s Plasma TV models in 2012 for an affordable price. The Smart TV capabilities present with the ES8000 models enable multitasking as well as gesture control and voice control with the aid of the built-in webcam.

You’ll still be able to connect to Internet Streaming services and enjoy online content or browse the Internet and make use of Samsung’s Smart TV apps.

The new Samsung ES8000 LED TV models will become available sometime in April and if you were planning an TV upgrade in 2012, both the E8000 and the ES8000 series from Samsung are worth your attention.


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