Things Home Buyers Should Consider to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Buying a home brings with it an enormous number of responsibilities. Many people do not give time to discovering how the plumbing in a house is working. Without proper attention paid to a house’s plumbing, one can be assured of exorbitant bills down the line for problems that could have been detected on an initial walk through.

For example, the simplest inspections can be made by prospective homeowners while shopping for a home. The first thing a buyer can do is check the water pressure. This should be done outside as well as inside by merely turning the water outlets on and assessing whether there is a strong or a weak flow. A weak stream can indicate possible plumbing leaks through pipes underground or throughout the house. Pinhole leaks in pipes can lead to large leaks later on. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility of slab leaks, which are more difficult to detect and can not only be expensive to fix, but very disruptive as well.

Most underground and slab leaks can also be detected through instances of water rising up in the yard, and hot spots on the floor where there shouldn’t be any. Like sewer leaks or underground pipe breaks, repairs for these problems Seattle Plumber will often require excavation and pipe replacement. Although modern technology can find these problems more easily should they be suspected, and pipes can be repaired, in some instances, without having to dig up the entire yard, broken pipes remain an expensive operation when not discovered in a timely manner.

Another simple test one can do while inspecting a house is to check the sink and shower drains, as well as the garbage disposal, for slow moving drainage. Over time, it is common for drains to become clogged as all manner of debris is introduced into the plumbing fixtures. Slow moving drain water could indicate clogging by hair, food, or other non-soluble material, but it could also point to larger problems like damaged or broken pipes. Likewise, a slow draining garbage disposal.

Naturally, the toilets in the house should be flushed as well. A slow draining bowl could also be another sign of plumbing problems. Essentially, the earlier a home buyer discovers what plumbing issues a house might contain, the sooner he or she can either attend to the problems. However, although it is always advantageous to employ trained plumbing technicians to professionally assess the state of a house’s plumbing fixtures, there are still some simple and easy tests that a home buyer can perform on their own.


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