Tips For Easy Composting Using Compost Tumblers, Bins, Or a Pitchfork and Pile

There are certain tried and true procedures for good compost making. It’s more than just throwing anything into a pile and expecting to get good results! What you’ll end up with a mucky mess or a dried out pile infested with ants or other pests. Here are some time proven tips:

1. It’s OK to compost poisonous plants, such as rhubarb, yew, or poison oak, etc., because the heat during compost making will break down all the toxins. If you have some poisonous plants kompostownik z palet that need disposed of, don’t burn them! The smoke will get in your lungs and can cause all sorts of problems. Just put them in our compost pile.

2. To have successful compost, you need a mix of green materials, such as grass clippings, kitchen refuse, cow and chicken manure, and sturdier brown materials, such as twigs, cardboard, paper, plant trimmings. The larger pieces keep the pile from matting down and turning to goo. After your compost is finished, if you still have some twigs or other bigger pieces, you can sift them out and put them in your next batch.

3. Don’t add diseased plant material to your compost heap.


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