What is a World of Warcraft Strategy Guide?

World of Warcraft strategy guide and hints are there to help you make Buy wow gold  the maximum out of your characters, skills, professions and more in World of Warcraft. You’ll find World of Warcraft strategy guide on a selection of different topics all over the web.

World of Warcraft (or WoW as it is sometimes referred to ) is the 4th in the Warcraft franchise from Blizzard Entertainment and is very much the most best-selling and main stream of the games. The other 3 Warcraft titles were from above strategy games and World of Warcraft broke into the 3D free free roaming world with this game set 4 years after Warcraft III.

Each player creates a character in the game and builds them up, also known as leveling, and  quests in the game to gather rewards like money, items, experience and reputation.

These bonuses can then be used to buy special items, weapons, clothing etc and can also be used to increase your skill sets and power which is required to get far in the game as the quests and enemies get tougher and worse to destroy.

The means your character builds is by moving up levels (as remarked earlier ) and when you earn a set total of experience points by questing and fighting your character will ‘level up’ and get more hit points, be able to use other items and several other rewards.

In World of Warcraft you progress from level 1-60 but if you have the first expansion for the game, Burning Crusade, then you can level to a maximum of 70 and if you also have the second expansion for WoW, Wrath of the Lich King, then you can get to the heady heights of level 80!

With so many levels to go through and a huge amount quests and events through the game it can help oneself to own a World of Warcraft strategy guide to help you in the best direction now and then and get you to those higher levels faster.



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