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First, one might think that placing the bottles on top of a refrigerator is a good idea, however all bottles should be stored someplace cool. The top of the refrigerator tends to generate heat and can actually hurt the wines age. When looking for a spot in your house to store, always consider the same cool temperature year-round. This could be in the basement, which tends to keep a constant cool temperature all year round no matter what the thermometer says outside. You can also place the bottles in a temperature controlled wine fridge where these refrigerators can be placed in a variety of locations through out the house and come in different sizes and styles. Once you found the ideal place to store the bottle, next would be how do you choose a rack that will show off the wine bottle at its best? The perfect solution-Wine Racks.

Racks keep the bottles in various tilts. From horizontal which tips the wine to the cork, tilted which insures the sediment at the bottom of the bottle, but does not keep the cork wet and then vertical, which looks nice but should be used for special occasions and just before you’re ready to dine. Once you have a place to store your rack, now you can have fun picking that special one out. Metal racks match any décor and there are many styles to choose from. Metal can stand-alone, be placed on a table, or be mounted. Wooden racks are just as diverse as metal racks. They too come in many different styles or woods. Wooden racks can also be placed on tables, be a storage chest, stand alone, or be as functional as stackable boxes. If you would like to store bottle for along period of time in a temperature-controlled rack than wine fridge s are the best. However, unique and decorative wine racks usually gain the attention of most guests and can be used as an icebreaker at any party. Look for different styles of wine racks online.


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